Welcome To Day and Night

Day and Night is a script that allow you to have a multiple homepage or multiple site activities depend on time , Day or Night . It was very useful , Flexible and Customizable


Image by Alexi Murdoch
Image by Alexi Murdoch


Our Example Case :

Office Hour : When you want your office site to be able to access only on Office Hour . You can use Day and Night , Set Day to not redirect and Set Night to Redirect to Somewhere else such as Closed Page.

There is also many use case , Our Software is Flexible and beyond your imagination

Russian Visa Office
Russian Visa Office



Sound Interesting . So How can I use it ?


Just Register to Our Site Here : Register


Next Step Go To Your Control Panel :



and You will redirect to this Success Page


and then Embed these script below by copy and paste on your webpage html 😉

That is it !! . Easy 😀